Cat Down

One of the perils of adopting older cats is very real possibility that they won't be with you for very long.  So, you tell yourself not to get too attached.

But, weeks turn into months, months turn into years - and suddenly you find you are very attached, and when the years do eventually catch up it's not a comfortable experience.

We adopted Moff and Koop almost three years ago - it was alleged that they were already over 18 years old, so we really didn't expect to have them for very long.

They came as a double act, siblings who'd always been together but actually didn't much like other.   Koop the fiesty one, Moff the more cautious (downright timid at times) - sometimes curled up together, other times finding their own places - or sometimes squabbling over the same place.

We were given instructions to let them enjoy their last few years - I think we've done that.

The years caught up with Moff today - hopefully Koop will stick around with us for a bit longer.


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