Palo Alto, California December 2007

One final trip to round out the year. A couple of days in staying in Palo Alto and attending a workshop at the William and Flora Hewlett Foundation in Menlo Park.

Palo Alto December 2007

Antarctica November 2007

Over thirty years after first thinking about going to Antarctica - and at the second attempt this year, I have now done my first visit to Antarctica. In addition to visiting the South Shetland Islands and the Antarctic Peninsula, I also got to spend some time in the Atacama Desert in northern Chile. My advice to anyone planning a trip to Antarctica - go for longer. It's a long way from the UK to Ushuaia where most of the boats operate from, and by the time you've crossed the Drake Passage, you only get a few days in/around the snow, ice and penguins.

An initial selection of photos is linked below (I've put up initial selections from a number of trips this year - and not been good at going back to update them, probably has something to do with number of days I've been out of the UK this year).


South America


Orlando November 2007

At the SLOAN-C conference in Orlando. 48 hours in the alternative reality that is Orlando.

After this trip (which included my 28th & 29th flights of the year) Virgin Atlantic definitely get the credit for the best economy long-haul service I've used this year!

Orlando November 2007

Milton Keynes October 2007

Just to demonstrate that I do sometimes spend time in Milton Keynes. We (The Open University) hosted the 2007 UK MoodleMoot this week.

(And I've finally found time to update my Flickr map )

MoodleMoot 2007

Bristol October 2007

A cold, sunny weekend in Bristol. Walked along the river under the Suspension Bridge rather than heading to the bridge and looking down. And the tide was in!


Barcelona October 2007

Working again - this time visiting the University of Catalunya in Barcelona. Excellent couple of days - and despite rumours to the contrary the rain in Spain is not limited to the plain, it also sometimes falls rather heavily near the coast.


Suffolk September 2007

A few days on the Suffolk coast - staying at a National Trust cottage, and spending lots of time on the RSPB Reserve at Minsmere.

RSPB Minsmere

Beijing August 2007

OK - back to work. This time in Beijing (really am in no position to complain) - alongside a week of work did manage to fit in trips to The Great Wall, The Summer Palace, Tiananmen Square and the Forbidden City.

And a few pictures to prove it...

Beijing August 2007

Greenland August 2007

This one really was just a holiday. Spent a week in East Greenland - staying in Kulusuk and Tasiilaq. Fantastic weather, empty mountains - and lots of icebergs.

An initial selection of photos is linked below...


And a few pictures of the ever present sledge dogs - particularly the free-roaming puppies.


Redmond July 2007

A quick trip to Redmond for a workshop hosted by Microsoft. Flew to Seattle via Copenhagen (which extended the travel time, but provided a few interesting photos from the window seats).

Redmond July 2007

Shetland June 2007

Back on Shetland again. Spent a week on Fair Isle - staying at the Bird Observatory - and taking photographs in the mist. Then a week with Shetland Wildlife on the 'Ultimate Shetland' tour seeing all parts of Shetland from Sumburgh Head in the south to the Muckle Flugga lighthouse off the northern end of Unst.

A few of the many hundred bird pictures are linked below.

Shetland Bird Picks

And some more puffin pictures - including a few attempts to get puffins in flight

Shetland Puffin Picks

Wales May 2007

Builth Wells - rather cooler than Delhi. Didn't expect to see quite so many llamas in mid-Wales. I'n not sure why Picasa is demanding you log in to see my photos at this point - if you don't want/haven't got a gmail account, you should just be able to go straight to my Picasa home page

Wales May 2007

Delhi May 2007

A short work trip to a very hot Delhi (c. 43C) - with a few hours grabbed for being a tourist. Need to make sure the next trip is both longer - and at a cooler time of year.

Delhi May 2007

Canada April 2007

Mainly a work trip (to a fantastic location!) - with a little bit of vacation time added in. Spent time in a harbourside hotel in Vancouver, then drove east (via Banff National Park) to Edmonton and Athabasca, and after a few more days work back west to Vancouver (via Jasper National Park).

Canada April 2007

Cotswold Wildlife Park March 2007

In search of penguins in Oxfordshire - and otters and meerkats...

Cotswold Wildlife Park March 2007

Perth, Western Australia February 2007

A short work trip to Perth - just enough tourist time to wander around Perth and have a quick look at the sea at North Cottesloe and Freemantle.

Shetland January 2007

Spent a windy week on Shetland - partly with Shetland Wildlife (including a fantastic day at Up Helly Aa), partly doing our own thing.