Oxford January 2009

Travelling this month has pretty much been limited to browsing the guide book collection.

However several weeks of enforced inactivity (flu & pneumonia) has given me the chance to reflect on the statement I made in early January last year - "I don't think I'll be doing quite so much travelling in 2008".

So how did I do...

It depends how you measure - in 2008 I "only" clocked up 65,000 airmiles, well down on the 102,000 I did in 2007 (and I only spent 60-something nights away from home, as opposed to over 100 in 2007 - there's a correlation there I'm sure).

On other measures the change isn't quite so clear - 2008 involved 10 trips which meant 39 flights, 2007 11 trips and 41 flights.

So what about my carbon footprint - the 10 trips in 2008 included 6 work trips and 4 leisure ones - the work ones generating 7.3 tonnes of CO2, and the leisure ones 3.2.

My car also made a contribution to global warming last year - about 18,000 miles last year (or about 5.8 tonnes of CO2). About 85% of that was my daily commute.

I'm sure I'll be doing less travelling again this year - plans at the moment only get me to about 20,000 miles. We'll see.