North South Images Newsletter October 2014

The latest issue of the North South Images newsletter is now available.

This edition has images from my tour of remote Scottish islands during the late summer and early autumn.

This trip allowed me to build on a couple of trips to Fair Isle in the past, and let me spend time on both St Kilda and Foula.  These are two of the most remote islands in the United Kingdom. St Kilda hasn't had a 'real' population since 1930 - it now has an itinerant collection of National Trust for Scotland staff and volunteers and a small military detachment who get to monitor a little radar station.

Foula still has a regular, crofting, population which manages to keep going despite having to fetch all their shopping from the Shetland mainland 20-something miles across a pretty rough stretch of sea.

There is more about the visits to both St Kilda and to Foula elsewhere on the blog.

There is also a small selection of new images from Shetland - the early autumn was a great time for Shetland sunsets!

The newsletter is available either on Slideshare or as a PDF file.

The previous newsletters (from February and July 2014) are also still available

February 2014 - Slideshare - PDF
July 2014 - Slideshare - PDF

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