Monthly Report, March 2023

A mixed up month - in terms of seasons (Spring & Winter), in terms of place (England & Wales), in terms of paths (Oxfordshire Way, Wales Coast Path & Thames Path).

Reporting Days: 31

Location: Mostly England, but with a few days on the Gower coast in south Wales (for this months coastal fix)

Miles Walked: 233

Miles Driven: 808

Photographs Taken: Hundreds 

Achievements: Thames Path Completed!


Oxford SnowDrops

Oxford SnowFall

Floods on the Cherwell

Sunshine in the Oxford Botanics

Gower Coast

We attempted unsuccessfully to book a stay at the Worms Head Hotel in Rhossili back in January, but fast forward to March gave us the chance to walk some bits of the Wales Coast Path (and bits of the Gower Way) - and enjoy some splendid coastal scenery. 

Worms Head

Rhossili Beach

Being Watched

Thames Path

I've been walking the Thames Path (in bits) for about five years - it kept getting interrupted by jobs and pandemics and miscellaneous other distractions.  In 2018 I walked between Lechlade and Marlow. In 2020, from Marlow to Teddington, and in December 2022 from Teddington to the Thames Barrier.  And finally (this month) the last two days from Lechlade to the Source.  A wee bit wet in places - and a bit of occasional light wading was needed...


No Through Road

End of Road

And heading north

It is remarkable how often the monthly report ends with a comment about heading north - and again this time the final picture of the month was taken near Carlisle - heading for what I hope will be a smooth ferry crossing to Shetland.

St Cuthbert Without