Glass Half Full

As we turn the corner from one year to the next, there is always a temptation to reflect on the Old Year and to think ahead to the New.

And the switch from 2013 to 2014 is no exception.

So by way of reflection, with an emphasis on the positive things.

Some of the highlights for 2013 were

1. Celebrated our 25th Anniversary
2. Quit my daily commute, and my day job.
3. Spent more time on Shetland than I had in any previous year.
4. Travelled through along the Northwest Passage in Arctic Canada.
5. Became a Fellow of the Royal Geographical Society.
6. Held my first photo exhibition (running until 12th January 2014).
7. Won a, very small, photo competition.
8. Clocked up another 365 images on Blipfoto.

Ice Baffin Bay 2013
And some targets for 2014

1. Developing the ‘Islands’ theme – with a growing list of ‘new’ islands to visit.
2. Returning to the Lofoten Islands (and getting to the western end this time)
3. Returning to the Hebrides (and getting to St Kilda this time).
4. Taking part in Oxford Artweeks.
5. Entering more photo competitions.
6. Spending even more time on Shetland.
7. Clocking up another 365 images on Blipfoto.

We’ll see how these targets stand the test of time.
St Ninians Shetland 2013
Cheers. And Happy New Year.

Another 24th December

Just over nine years ago I bought my first digital camera, and I decided (just as a bit of digital fun) that I would take a picture every day for a year.  I never quite got round to stopping – and I have found some interesting places to take pictures over those nine years. 

The first picture-of-the-day was 24th December 2004, so I now have 10 “24th December” pictures in the collection (taken with six different cameras). These weren't often the most exciting image of the year, but do mark each year as it went past.

Merry Christmas.