Monthly Report, October 2022

Another dual-location month - first week in the soft South, the rest in the wild North.

By the Numbers.

Reporting Days: 31

Location: Oxford and Shetland

Miles Walked: 123 (plus 75 miles rowed - on a rowing machine!)

Miles Driven: 875

Gardens Tended: 1

Photographs Taken: Thousands (mostly waves)

Hints of Autumn

In early October definite hints of Autumn around Oxford - at both Sydlings Copse and along the river Cherwell in Mesopotamia.

Sydlings Copse


Waves & Surfers

October on Shetland brings both wild seas and skies and sometimes gentle waves too.  And just occasionally surfers turn up to check out the waves.

Wild waves on Scat Ness

Wild seas at Sumburgh Head

West Voe Beach

Scottish Surfing Championships at West Voe Beach

Sky Watch

It's always worth looking up - some mornings start with red skies, other days end with a fine sunset, and after sunset the skies can sometimes provide a stage for the Mirrie Dancers.

Sunrise at the Pool of Virkie

Sunset at Quendale Bay

Northern Lights over Quendale

Around the Lighthouse

The light is always changing at the Sumburgh Head light house

Morning Light at Sumburgh Head

Sumburgh Fog Horn

Evening Light at Sumburgh Head

And the most memorable October day on Shetland in 2022?

That was probably day the internet stopped.  By quirk of fate (or Russian interference, if you're a conspiracy theorist) both of Shetland's links to the outside world were damaged within a few days of each other. So, no internet, no mobile phones and no landlines.  Strange day.