Monthly Report, December 2022

To round off 2022, time spent based in the far south (of England) - mostly around Oxford but with the additional attractions of doing a bit more of the Thames Path and a long weekend around Bristol revisiting old haunts.

Reporting Days: 31

Location: Mostly Oxford

Miles walked: 191

Miles driven: 438

Gardens Tended: 2 (assuming that keeping the bird feeders filled counts as 'tending')

Photographs Taken: Hundreds (mostly trees)


Trees are always my stand-by photographic subject when I'm in the south of England - they tell the story of the year. December took us from golden leaves to bare branches and to freezing fog.

Autumn Colours in Bury Knowle Park, Oxford

Silver Birch at Sydlings Copse, just outside Oxford

Teasels in Freezing Fog at RSPB Otmoor

Freezing Fog at RSPB Otmoor

Oxford Canal

Oxford is rubbish for beaches but it does have both river and canal.

Ice on the Oxford Canal

Ice on the Oxford Canal

Thames Path

Long long ago, I decided to walk the Thames Path - I walked east and west from Oxford in 2018, I walked down to Teddington in 2020 and this month I walked through central London down to the Thames Barrier. Hopefully, I'll get to do the last bit (from Lechlade to the source) in 2023....

Tower Bridge from the Thames Path

Thames Barrier from the Thames Path


And even longer ago I spent almost 7 years in Bristol, it's quite galling to realise that those 7 years ended more than 36 years ago.  It is always good to get the chance to spend a few days back in Bristol. And given the proximity of Bristol to the sea - it seemed right to round off the visit with a wander on Clevedon Pier.

Clifton Suspension Bridge

Clevedon Pier