Monthly Report, September 2023

OK, so this report is seriously late.  And rather brief.

The summary version is 'mostly Shetland'.  

The slightly longer version is 'Shetland, Oxford, London, Paris and Zurich'.

By the Numbers

Reporting Days: 30 (including one birthday)

Location: See above

Distance Walked: 366 km

Distance Driven: 1427 km

Photographs Taken: Thousands

Cameras Replaced: One


Shetland in September can pretty much be guaranteed to provide a mix of sunshine, big seas, fog, rain and the first glimpses of the Northern Lights.  The challenge is figuring when each of these will appear.

Evening calm on Quendale Beach

Wild Seas on Scat Ness

Surf and Sun on Quendale Beach

Northern Lights over Virkie


The last few days of the month were the start of the latest European train (and bus!) trip - which got off to a thoroughly leisurely start with overnight stops in Oxford, London, Paris and Zurich.

The Headington Shark, Oxford

King's Cross Station, London


Lake Zurich

Coming Soon

And next month?  That'll be mostly Italy.