2022 - Twelve Pictures of the Month

I'm coming to the conclusion that every year is weird, and every year has a mix of good bits and not-so-good bits. 

I'm not going to dwell on the NSG bits of 2022 - but in the good bits column I've got (i) taking yet another 365 Pictures of the Day, (ii) getting back to walking the Thames Path (I've walked almost 1700 miles this year), (iii) starting to get back to planning international travel (trains, not planes) and (iv) spending almost six months hanging out with the auks around Sumburgh Head on Shetland.

And from the 365 Pictures of the Day,  I've picked 12 Pictures of the Month.

January - Aberdeen Sunrise

February - Stoke Place Snowdrops

March - Lye Valley Frogs

April - Sumburgh Head Puffins

May - Nest Building at Sumburgh Head

June - Fishing Season at Sumburgh Head

July - Sumburgh Razorbills

August - End of Season Burrow Maintenance 

September - Quendale Bay Sunset

October - Autumn Storms on Scat Ness

November - Crooklets Beach, Bude, Cornwall

December - Thames Barrier in the Sunshine

And as for setting objectives for the 2023, lets just roll with it - there'll probably be a mix of good and NSG bits..

Monthly Report, November 2022

After a lot of Shetland-centric months, this month had a distinctly southern flavour, mostly spent in and around Oxford with a wee road trip to the south west of England to check out the North Devon beaches.

Reporting Days: 30

Location: Mostly Oxford

Miles walked: 156

Miles driven: 1329

Gardens Tended: 2

Photographs Taken: Hundreds (mostly trees with a few beaches for good measure)

Trees & Leaves

Still plenty of colour in trees even well into what can only be called a mild autumn (or perhaps a worryingly warm autumn).

Through the trees at Sydlings Copse nature reserve

Green Lane still has hints of green

Colourful Puddles in Bury Knowle Park

Bare Trees (and blue skies) in Bury Knowle Park


We used to spend a lot of time around the North Devon coastline - but for the last few years we've spent rather more time hanging out on the Shetland beaches.  It's always good to get a fix of sea air.

Weston super Mare

Woolacombe Sands

Crooklets Beach, Bude (just over the border into Cornwall)

Combe Martin


And even though Oxford doesn't have much in the way beach walks, it does make up for it (a bit at least) by offering a choice of riverside walks.

Parson's Pleasure

Looking over Magdalen Bridge

  And (spoiler alert) December's report is very likely to include both riverside and harbourside pictures