Monthly Report, February 2023

An almost entirely Scottish month - starting off in the Cairngorms and finishing in Oxford, but with most of the intervening days on Shetland, or around Stonehaven or in Fife.

Reporting Days: Only 28

Location: Mostly Scotland. Mostly Shetland.

Miles Walked or Rowed: 188 (the rowing machine comes in to its own when the Shetland weather doesn't cooperate)

Miles Driven: 867

Gardens Tended: 1

Photographs Taken: Thousands (mostly coastal, mostly waves)

Shetland Waves

Incoming Waves, Scat Ness

Same Place, Different Waves, Scat Ness

Waves Breaking over Scat Ness

Broad Geo, Sumburgh Head

West Voe of Sumburgh

Sunrise & Sunset

Sunrise, Pool of Virkie

Sunset, Quendale Bay

Back on the Mainland / Mostly Coastal

Stonehaven, Aberdeenshire

Arbroath, Angus  

St Monans, Fife

Manchester Ship Canal, Warrington (almost coastal!)