Market Survey

And in my "Keep In Touch" postcard give away yesterday, the two most popular images were

Fin Whale Balance on Svalbard
Kings on the March on South Georgia

Better get some more of these ones printed.

Sun-kissed Beaches - a competition

There appear to a number of rumours circulating that I don't do sun-kissed beaches.

Evidence to the contrary follows. And a competition.

Destination A

Destination B

Destination C

Destination D

Destination E

Destination F
This first person to name the six destinations (put the destinations in order plus an email address as a comment below) gets a framed print of the beach of their choice.

Favourite Places, Favourite Posts

A few people have asked recently about my favourite – or most memorable - trips over the last few years.

From the far North

From the far South

If you're just looking for some photographs - there are lots on Flickr