Monthly Report, February 2024

 An Oxford month - but with a distinctly Italian twist.

The numbers

Reporting Days: 29

Location: Mostly Oxford

Distance Walked: 250 km

Distance Driven: 733 km

Photographs Taken: Hundreds

Distinctly Italian?

So how Italian can a month based in Oxford be?

Well, you can enrol on a course in Italian Design run by the University Department of Continuing Education. Or you can sign up for an Italian cooking course (with Ursula Ferrigno at The Jericho Kitchen Cookery School). Or you can spend time at the Estorick Collection of Modern Italian Art in London. Or you can eat out in Italian restaurants in Oxford, London and Bristol. Or you can continue to learn a little bit of Italian everyday via DuoLingo. Or you can plan and book trips to Italy for later in the year. 

Or you can do all of these. 

Signs of Spring

And when I wasn't looking for signs of Italy, l seemed to spend most of the month looking for signs of Spring.

Parson's Pleasure, Oxford

Jericho Kitchen, Stadhampton

Early Purple Orchid, Sydings Copse

Crocus, Bury Knowle Park, Oxford

Maps, Stanfords, London

Oxford Botanic Garden

C S Lewis Reserve, Oxford

Magdalen Tower, Oxford

Snowdrops, Stoke Place, Oxford

Entering the City, London

Blaise Hamlet, Bristol

The Duke's Cut, Oxford Canal

Nest month - more Oxford and more London with (hopefully) a wee island fix thrown in for good measure.