Monthly Report, February 2022

 Circumstances dictated that this should be an Oxford month - in many ways we were able to treat it as another LockDown month - returning to the routines and walks from the other LockDowns.  The pictures of the day came from the C S Lewis Reserve, the Lye Valley, Shotover, Mesopotamia, Sydlings Copse and (most often) Bury Knowle Park.

There were lots of good sunrises to watch, emerging flowers to photograph and storm damage to mend (and photograph!).

Reporting Days: 28

Location: Oxford

Miles Walked: 104

Mile Driven: 9.7 (yes, really!)

Gardens Tended: 1 (including a little bit of fence mending)

Photographs taken: Hundreds - mostly trees (some broken)


Despite the challenges of not being able to see a horizon from the Oxford house (too many adjacent buildings) there are points in the year when I can see decent sunrises from my office window - February is one of those months.

Headington Sunrise #1

Headington Sunrise #2

Emerging Flowers

Early spring is a time of constant floral change as flowers appear overnight.




Storm Damage

Having three named storms roll through in a few days - did take its toll in the local woodlands, but fortunately not too much domestically.

Storm Damage - C S Lewis Reserve

Storm Damage - Green Lane, Shotover


Dark Clouds over Bury Knowle Park

High Water at Parson's Pleasure, Mesopotamia

On the Lye Valley Boards

Blue Skies at Sydlings Copse