Monthly Report, October 2021

Good to have been able to spend so much of the month at the south end of Shetland - and particularly to have seen so many fantastic sunrises and sunsets (there might well be dramatic sunrises on Shetland in the summer, but they are way too early for me).

Reporting Days: 31

Location: Shetland (but just made it to the Cairngorms for the end of the month)

Miles walked: 122

Miles driven: 674

Gardens tended: 1

Puffins seen: None (but a few guillemots plus one little auk)

Ponds dug: 0 (this KPI probably won't appear again!)

Photographs taken: thousands (mostly sunrises, sunsets and waves!) 

Sunrise at the Pool of Virkie

Pre sunrise at the Pool of Virkie

Sunrise at Sumburgh Head

Sunset on Scat Ness

Sunrise at Brough Head

Between sunset and sunrise - there's always a chance (at this time of year) of getting a glimpse of the mirrie dancers. 

Northern Lights behind the clouds

And between sunrise and sunset - this being showery Shetland, there's always a chance that there will be rainbows on show.

Double Rainbow on Scat Ness

Double Rainbow at Sumburgh Head

And when there aren't sunrises, sunsets, aurora and rainbows - there are always waves to watch (which are lovely, except on days when you are due to catch the evening ferry south!).

Incoming Waves at Scat Ness

This being autumn on Shetland - there are always wildlife specials on offer too - occasionally the glimpse of a fin, sometimes a visiting little auk and (unusually) mass landings of By-The-Wind Sailors.

Little Auk at Grutness

By The Wind Sailor on Quendale Beach

Passing Orca at Grutness Voe

And finally, one more thing, trees - these in the Cairngorms National Park (more trees in the November report!).

Autumn Colours - in the Cairngorms National Park