Monthly Report, May 2021

It's good to get the chance to write a monthly report that isn't just walks and pictures from the OX3 postcode.  I am very grateful for the variety of green spaces and choice of walks around the Oxford house - but there aren't any lighthouses, auks or sea views.

  • Reporting Days: 31 (including 2 Bank Holidays, which make very little difference to what I'm doing)

  • Location: Mostly Shetland (ZE3)

  • Miles walked: 132

  • Mile driven: 1159

  • Gardens Tended: 3

  • Puffins Seen: Hundreds

  • Photographs Taken: Thousands (mostly auks, or lighthouses or auks at lighthouses)

  • Vaccinations Received: One (now fully AstraZeneca'ed)

  • Cat Count: Zero. Koop appeared in last months report - but sadly at the fine age of 22, the months finally caught up with her.  It seems very strange not to have her pottering around the garden with us.

Back at the Lighthouse, Sumburgh Head, Shetland

Calm, West Voe of Sumburgh, Shetland

Nesting Time, Sumburgh Head, Shetland

Shouting Time, Sumburgh Head, Shetland

Puffins in the Evening Sunshine, Sumburgh Head, Shetland

Black Guillemot (aka Tystie), Scat Ness, Shetland

Razorbill, Sumburgh Head, Shetland

Oxfordshire Bluebells, C S Lewis Reserve, Oxford

Shetland to Oxford, Auks to Orchids: Early Purple Orchids, Sydlings Copse, Oxford