Monthly Report, May 2023

And just when it was going so well.

At the start of the month I woke up in the middle of the night shivering in a northern Italian hotel room. 

After three years of sidestepping COVID,  it finally caught up with me. This wasn't how I had planned to start my third week of Italian spa town pampering!

But first the numbers.

Reporting Days: 31

Isolation Days: 5 

Location: Italy & Oxford

Miles Walked: 152

Miles Driven: 149

Miles Trained: 740

Photographs Taken: Hundreds 

Room with a View

Italian rules, after testing positive for COVID, say stay put for 5 days, then wear a mask wherever possible for the next five.  To which I would add, make sure you are staying in a nice bright hotel room with enough space to walk up and down, good room service, a sunny balcony and a decent view.  And a phone with a good collection of audiobooks.

Balcony View, Boario Terme


And no matter how good the view - it was good to get released and do a couple of short walks before heading back (by train!) to Oxford (via Milan, Zurich, Paris & London).

Waterfall on the River Dezzo, Boario

Back to the Old Montecchio Bridge over the River Oglio

Springtime in Oxford

Having fast forwarded through Spring as we arrived in Italy last month - it was almost a surprise to find that it was still Spring back in Oxford, with bluebells still out in force and early orchids still around.


Lots of Bluebells

Early Marsh Orchids

Miniature Garden, Fence Post Version

Next month: Orchids, London & Shetland (hopefully)