Monthly Report, April 2022

Another month, another report.  This time mostly spent hanging around at the south end of Shetland.

Reporting Days: 30

Location: Shetland (mostly)

Miles Walked: 150

Miles Driven: 1234

Gardens Tended: 3  (a new personal best)

Photographs taken:   Thousands (mostly auks - and bluebells)

The big question this month (in my world) was when are the puffins going to return.

I had timed my return to Shetland to coincide with the start of the season at the Sumburgh Head lighthouse.  The kittiwakes got the memo. The guillemots got the memo. The razorbills got the memo. Katja got the memo. The shags got the memo.  But not the puffins.

Sumburgh Head lighthouse - ready for the summer season - as seen from the foghorn tower

Looking over West Voe from the lighthouse deck

Kittiwakes ready for the season

Shags pairing up

Guillemots back on the stacks

Razorbills getting reacquainted 

Coffee & cake from Katja's Unken Cafe at Sumburgh Head (highly recommended)

But eventually the puffins did put in an appearance - always good to see them back.

And there are always beaches and headlands that need walking

Quendale Beach

Waves rolling in to Scat Ness

Meanwhile back in Oxford - more bluebells than you can comfortably count - and some early orchids too.

Aston Rowant National Nature Reserve

Sydlings Copse

C S Lewis Reserve

And next month - more Oxford woodlands, and hopefully more Shetland auks too.