Monthly Report, April 2024

A month of two parts - first half back on the trains to Italy, and then a couple of weeks in Oxford.


Reporting Days: 30

Location: Oxford and Lombardy

Distance Walked: 290 km

Distance Driven: 240 km

Photographs Taken: Many Hundreds

Back to Boario

Trips to Boario seem to now be lodged firmly in the diary for Spring and Autumn.  This was my third visit - good food, fine wine, decent weather, walks by the River Oglio and a spot of pampering too.  I'll be back again (well, that's the plan) for all the above plus a fourth visit to the REGEN Centre.  

Having first visited Boario by train last April, I now can't imagine getting there any other way. 

London St Pancras

Zurich by Night

Milan Cathedral

River Oglio in Boario

Madonna of the Alps in Boario

Zurich by Day

Around Oxford

Having had a fix of warm Spring weather in northern Italy, it came as a bit of shock to be back in 'very' early Spring around Oxford - good for waterside and woodland walks (if you kept moving!) plus early orchids and bluebells.

Lye Valley Boardwalk

Bury Knowle Park

Orchids at Sydlings Copse

Bluebells in Shotover Country Park

More Trains

And on the subject of trains, next months report is going to involve a lot more trains (and buses and boats.