Monthly Report, January 2022

That was a long month.  

The calendar insists that it was only 31 days - but my money is on there being more like 50-something days.

The month covered the tail end of a very relaxed Christmas time (I'm a firm believer in Christmas starting around Christmas Day and lasting at least until Twelfth Night), it's included a short (and stormy) period on Shetland and ended with spending several days hanging around hospitals back in Oxford.

Reporting Days: 31

Location: Mostly Oxford, with a few travelling  days and Shetland days thrown in too

Miles Walked: 104

Miles Driven: 1426 (that's what a round trip to Shetland gets you)

Gardens Tended: 2 (assuming fence mending counts as gardening)

Photographs Taken: Thousands (a blend of sunrises, sunsets, trees and waves)

2nd January - Aston Rowant Nature Reserve, Oxfordshire

4th January - Sunset at White Horse Hill, Oxfordshire

9th January - Parson's Pleasure, Oxford

19th January - Waves, Scat Ness, Shetland

22nd January - Lighting Up, Sumburgh Head Lighthouse, Shetland

24th January - Sunrise, Stonehaven, Aberdeenshire 

27th January - Sunset, Bury Knowle Park, Oxford

31st January - Snowdrops, Stoke Place, Oxford