29th February

I think we should celebrate the 29th February more.  

They don't come around very often after all.  Today is my 16th.

I've been looking through my diaries and photo archives and picking out what I was doing on each of my 16 29th February.  In later years I've got photographs taken on the 29th, earlier years not so much.

1964    Saturday - Probably in Lisburn - still too young to be at school (and it was a Saturday anyway)

1968    Thursday - School day (in Lisburn)

1972    Tuesday - School day (in Lisburn)

1976    Sunday - Probably doing school homework!

1980    Friday - Probably in Bristol. Probably in a pub.

1984    Wednesday - Cross Country Skiing in Norway

1988    Monday - In Ithaca, New York

1992    Monday - Apparently in Oxford (in the FIM Lab)

1996    Saturday - Probably in Oxford

2000    Tuesday - Milton Keynes (probably in the Open University Library)

2004    Sunday - Probably in Oxford

2008    Friday - At Heathrow Airport.  Collecting tourists rather than flying

2012    Wednesday - Faroe Islands

2016    Monday - Workday at Warwick. Office View

2020    Saturday - Innsbruck (the pre-COVID holiday)

2024    Thursday - Oxford (the Headington Shark)

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