Monthly Report, November 2023

Entirely Shetland.

And weather. There's been a lot of weather about at 60N.

By the Numbers

Reporting Days: 30

Location: Shetland 

Distance Walked: 260 km

Distance Driven: 499 km

Photographs Taken: Thousands


When I roll through the pictures for the month (particularly a month spent on Shetland), I inevitably see lots of pictures of blue skies, gentle waves and golden sands. Perhaps with the occasional calming view across a flat sea.  And perhaps the occasional glimpse of the Northern Lights.

Quendale Bay - warm and calm

Quendale Bay

Pool of Virkie - tide in & flat calm

Ladys Holm & Fair Isle

Northern Lights

This does perhaps give a misleading view of island life in the late autumn but it does reflect the fact that these are the conditions when it's most pleasant to be out and and about with a camera.

But if you wrap up well (and keep the camera kit out of harms way), there are also big waves, big winds, gloomy weather and rain showers to photograph too.

Big Waves on Scat Ness

Wind Rip on Quendale Bay

Quendale Bay - not always sunny

West Voe beach - storm damage

Showers means Rainbows, Jarlshof

Next time - back south for a bit.


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