Monthly Report, December 2021

Another southern month - with a photographic tendency towards trees plus sunrises and sunset - and occasional ornithological interludes.

Reporting Days: 31

Location: Oxford

Miles walked: 97

Miles driven: 354

Gardens tended: 2

Photographs taken: hundreds (mostly trees)


Still hints of autumn colour at the start of the month - but definitely into full winter look by mid-month.

Green Lane, Shotover

BBOWT Warburg

BBOWT Sydlings Copse

Sunrises & Sunsets

Several fleeting but dramatic sunrises - and even the occasional sunset too.

Sunrise from the office window

Sunrise from the office window

Sunset in Bury Knowle Park


Lots of activity around the garden feeders - but swans and kingfishers elsewhere.

Starlings in the garden

Swans at Weston Turville Reservoir

Kingfisher on Port Meadow

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