Monthly Report, March 2021

While we continue in LockDown (we are still in LockDown?) there is a distinct element of deja vu in these monthly reports. I've continued to stick (mostly) with the regular rota of daily walks - taking in the local park and nature reserves, often dreaming of exotic far flung places such as mountains and beaches.

So, what was Memorable in March?  

We've marked the first anniversary of LockDown (what already, and we're still doing this). 

We've finally have glimpses of spring - and it has even been warm enough to drag the garden furniture out and have morning coffee outside.  Being able to sit outside made a big difference during LockDown One (as we didn't call it at the time) and hopefully while we're still 'minimising travel', it'll help this time too.

And I've had a first vaccination, so at least my left arm should be safe now.

And, by the numbers

  • Reporting Days: 31

  • Location: Oxford

  • Miles walked: 99 (I'm blaming boredom with the local walks)

  • Miles driven: 350

  • Gardens Tended: 2

  • Puffins Seen: None (but the usual garden suspects feed requirements are pushing me towards bankruptcy)

  • Photographs Taken: Dozens (mostly daffodils)

  • Vaccinations Received: One 

Having attempted to use my map collection to ward off Wanderlust (#MapBoxAtoZ) in February, I turned my attention to the guide book shelves during March (#GuideBookAtoZ) - and in April I'll dig out some favourite photographic locations and themes (#photosAtoZ).

GuideBooks: Reshelved

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