Monthly Report, December 2020

Apologies - page formatting on the phone view is messed up, am trying to disentangle it.

December was a case of grabbing the opportunity - specifically the opportunity to have a quick trip up to Shetland, between one lockdown and the next (correctly) anticipated lockdown.

  • Reporting Days: 31
  • Location: Oxford & Shetland
  • Miles Walked: 104
  • Miles Driven: 1350
  • Gardens Tended: 0 (unless you can count filling bird feeders as gardening)
  • Puffins Seen: None - but I did see guillemots
  • Photographs Taken: Thousands (mostly waves)

The fix of fresh air and sea spray on Shetland was a much needed restorative to the inland views around Oxford - and hopefully the next fix of Shetland will be a bit longer than was possible this month.

Low winter sunshine on Scatness

Low winter sunshine on Scatness

Rolling waves on Quendale Bay

Sunset on Quendale Bay

Guillemots at Sumburgh Head

Blue skies at the Lye Valley

High water in Mesopotamia

Lye Valley Boardwalk

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