Planning Friday / 6th March 2020

Doesn't everyone start planning their next trip before they get home from the previous one? Unless of course they've already got the next trip planned.

There are already plans in the diary for later in the year - but they seemed way too far away so shorter term action was needed.  This turned into a Friday trip (virus panic not withstanding) into London, to spend time in Stanfords.  I'm pretty sure that every trip to somewhere new, involves time browsing the shelves and map racks there.

Over the years I've spent a lot of time (and, truth be told, money) in the shop - and I still have a soft spot for the old shop even though I'm pretty sure that the new one probably has space for more stock.

I think asking for strudel to go with morning coffee is now just instinct
New Stanfords - certainly bigger, maybe not the same atmosphere as the old shop
Maps - for trips past, booked and future

I'm not sure that I yet fully understand the logic behind Kompass maps - they don't work quite the same as Ordnance Survey ones - but I'm sure I'll get used to them.

Having stocked up on maps for later in the year - it seemed like a good time to wander in London (and to burn off a little of the surplus strudel).

London - bold colours

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