Bluebells, April 2019

It's been a good year for bluebells.

Around Oxfordshire there are always bluebells around at this time of year - and I've found clumps in lots of places - parks, gardens, riverbanks, hedgerows.

Stoke Place, Headington

But this year some of the bigger woodland areas have been positively dramatic - I don't know of the freakish weather over recent weeks has pushed all the bluebells into flower at the same time (I did read that the weather had compressed the pollen season to the evidence discomfort of the hay fever sufferers).

I took the chance to visit several woodland bluebell sites over the last few days - and they really have been breath-taking.  If you get the opportunity, I'm sure there will still be plenty around this weekend.

Harcourt Arboretum
Harcourt Arboretum
Greys Court
Sydlings Copse
Sydlings Copse

There are more pictures from these sites in a Flickr Album.

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