30 Days Wild, June 2017

Another June, another 30 Days Wild.

It's been fun to spend another June with the aim of doing something (at least) a little bit wild each day.

I was fortunate enough to get to start the month in Svalbard in the High Arctic - and got the month off to a flying start by spending the day on a small boat in a fjord watching Fin whales.

1st June

After that there have been quite a lot of hedgerows and wild flower verges, but the 30DaysWild theme does always encourage me to look a little bit closer - and occasionally to cast a vote based on wildness and environment issues.  I've also taken the time to stop off and see the swans and geese around the University of Warwick campus.

30 Days Wild

And now that we're into July, maybe I'll just keep going with another 31DaysWild.

1st July

Previous iterations  2015  and 2016

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