Ski Season Shetland?

I noticed that a number of Scottish ski resorts have been given grants recently to help improve their ski infrastructure.  I don’t think Shetland is likely to be bidding for this sort of development funding in the short term, but the beautiful Shetland Snow Day did this week did provoke me into digging out a few of the recent snowy Shetland pictures I've got in my collection.

Sumburgh Farm
Looking for the Airport
Quendale Bay
Garths Ness & Siggur Ness
Quendale Beach
Quendale Bay, across to Siggur Ness
Dunrossness Church and the Radar Hill
If there isn't a market for a ski resort, may surf-and-ski dual activity holidays? There are usually plenty of waves.

 But, there will probably need to be work on the spa facilities first.

And there are some images from this week's Snow Day on my Flickr site.

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