Travel A to Z

I was challenged to produce a travel A to Z based on places I'd been to.  Here it is - with photographs as evidence.

Alesund,  Norway (2012)

Bishkek, Kyrgyzstan (2009)

Colombo, Sri Lanka (2011)

Delhi, India (2007)

Estoril, Portugal (2010)

Florence, Italy (2004)

Geiranger, Norway (2004)

Helsinki, Finland (2008)

Istanbul, Turkey (1999)

Jaipur, India (1992)

Kandy, Sri Lanka (2011)

Lerwick, Shetland (2011)

Madrid, Spain (2008)

New Orleans, USA (2012)

Oslo, Norway (2012)
Perth, Australia (2007)

Quendale, Shetland (2010)

Reykjavik, Iceland (2007)

Santiago, Chile (2011)

Torshavn, Faroe Islands (2012)

Utrecht, Netherlands (2011)

Vancouver, Canada (2007)

Warsaw, Poland (1996)

Xinjiang, China (2009)

Yala, Sri Lanka (2011)

Zagori, Greece (1998)

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