No, not me, although it’s very tempting at times.

Retirement beckons for my first digital SLR.  My elderly Nikon D70 is finally going to be traded in for a new shiny Nikon later in the week.  

Still with original packaging!
The D70 was my main camera from 2005 to 2007, and my ‘second’ camera until 2010.  Other than going out on loan to a budding young photographer a couple of years ago, it’s not seen much action since 2010 so it’s finally time for it to move on.

When I first bought it (for £699.99, in case you were curious) it really did have a pretty decent specification - including a 6.1MP sensor and a battery that seemed to last forever between charges.

Over its career this D70 has taken over 20,000 images and travelled as far north as Iceland and Greenland, and as far south as the Falkland Islands and the Antarctic Peninsula.  It’s been to both the east and west coasts of North America, including lots of Canada and about 15 US States.  It been to China and  Kyrgyzstan and stopped off in Nepal and Bhutan too.  And closer to home is been up and down the length of the Outer Hebrides and had the chance to document our initial explorations of Shetland.

Here are, just a few, of my favourite images from the D70 collection.

Takla Makan Desert, China
Ice, Greenland
Solomon, Oxfordshire
Great Wall of China
Wester Ross, Scotland
Paradise Harbour, Antarctic Peninsula 
Glacier National Park, Montana
Chinstrap Penguins, Half Moon Island
Up Helly Aa, Shetland Islands
Saunders Island, Falkland Islands
Gentoo Penguins, Sea Lion Island, Falkland Islands

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