Pictures from 2016

Another 366 pictures of the day - and another 12 pictures of the month.

January - Wave Watching at Scat Ness, Shetland
February, Starling Murmuration at Otmoor, Oxford
March - Strange Goings On at Warwick
April - Spanish Bluebells, Oxford
May - In Search of Strudel at the Tiernsee, Austria
June - Searching for Wildlife, Oxfordshire
July - Summer on Scat Ness, Shetland
August - Summer Waves at Scat Ness, Shetland
September - Ice and Whales, Ilulissat, Greenland
October - Sunset, Findhorn Bay, Scotland
November - First Storms of Winter, Scat Ness, Shetland
December - Christmas Eve Sunrise, Headington, Oxford

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