Travellers Torment

I usually really enjoy travel planning, but last night I lay awake trying to get my head round a travel conundrum. Should I do a round-the-world trip eastward or westward?

Image of diesel train about the leave Narvik station
Narvik to Boden - not quite
the Trans-Siberian
Yesterday I found myself thinking again about the Trans-Siberian railway.  The guide book has been on the shelf for a few years, and every now and again it comes to hand, usually when I'm looking for something else.  I started browsing it again, and the contemplation developed into the idea of how much of a round the world trip can be done by train.  Across Europe and Asia - Oxford to Vladivostok - no problem. Eurostar to Brussels, overnight to Moscow, then TS to Vladivostok.  Across North America - Vancouver to Halifax- easy. The Canadian to Toronto, then on to Montreal and Halifax.  And I don't have a problem with accepting that the Pacific and the Atlantic need to be crossed by plane or ship rather than by train. 

What I do have a problem with is the International Date Line.

Image of Vancouver waterfront
Vancouver - Coal Harbour
In addition to travelling I also take a lot of pictures, particularly I have a serious picture-a-day habit.  This means I need to take at least one photograph every day.  For the last couple of years I've been posting these on Blipfoto, but my uninterrupted picture a day sequence runs from 24th December 2004. As of 8th September 2012, that was 2816 days and I'm not keen on breaking the sequence. That was what was keeping me awake last night.  What's going to happen when I cross the International Date Line?  In the wee small hours I just couldn't figure out what was going to happen to my days as I crossed the line, and what difference the direction makes.

In cool light of morning, and with a little assistance from the other half, I think I've convinced myself that provided I keep travelling east, the worst that can happen is that I get the same day twice (at least that's what happened to both Phineas Fogg and Michael Palin). If I travel west I might, depending on when during the day the clocks actually get changed, wind up skipping a day completely and wreck my photo sequence.

Or I could just leave my camera clock permanently set to UK time, and just make sure I take at a picture every few hours, just in case.

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