Being Watched

It's nice to be the centre of attention.  We thought we were here to watch the bears. We'd clearly got this bit wrong. The young bears get brought to watch us as a bedtime treat.

We had ventured out in the zodiacs for an evening watch, to see what was going on in the bay.  A mother with a couple of yearling cubs was out at the top of the bay.  The cubs were big enough to be curious about everything around them, but young enough to still need the reassurance that mum was going to be there to keep an eye on them.

As we drifted slowly to the head of the bay the three bears headed in our direction. They headed confidently across the floating ice getting as close as they could to us. Then the cubs just sat down and watched us watching them with mum in the background.  These guys were clearly very happy that this was their turf and we were interesting but temporary attractions.

Eventually mum decided that enough was enough and the cubs were reeled back in to get some sleep.

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