Looking Ahead May 2017

I've been known to spend time peering over the Shetland fence - just to see how the sea and weather change as the days go by.

I couldn't find a convenient fence on the Ortelius, so I had to look out over the bow.

Day 1: 22nd May 18:00 Aberdeen Harbour (and the Northlink Ferry)

Day 2: 23rd May 08:00 Fair Isle in view

Day 3: 24th May 09:00 Heading North - Calm seas

Day 4: 25th May 05:50 Still Heading North - Bit misty this morning, but even calmer seas

Day 5: 26th May 09:40 Approaching Jan Mayen Island - Cloud down on Beerenberg

Day 6: 27th May 07:15 North of Jan Mayen, in search of sea ice

Day 7: 28th May 06:50 Finding sea ice

Day 8: 29th May 08:00 Still calm, but warnings of trouble head

                            16:20 Trouble arrives

Day 9: 30th May 06:00 Blue skies and sunshine, and Svalbard ahead

Day 10: 31st May 06:30 Approaching Longyearbyen, Svalbard

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