Make Time for Slow TV

I'm delighted to see that the Norwegians are at it again.

In the past they've brought us all seven hours of the Oslo to Bergen railway line. And yes, I was compelled to do it.

They've offered up all 134 hours that it takes the Hurtigruten boats to travel from Bergen to Kirkenes. And yes again, I have done that journey too - although I opted to go on one of the older more traditional boats.

If you want to see all the hours - they can be found on the NRK website

They've even offered 12 hours of continuous non-stop knitting action.  I can't claim to have done this myself, but over the years I've watched way more than 12 hours of knitting happen.

And now the Norwegians are bringing us, live and uninterrupted, 168 hours of reindeer migration.  And lovely viewing it is too - click on the image below to get to the live stream!

And relax.

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