Shetland February 2017

It’s been a longer than usual gap since the last chunk of time in residence at the south end of Shetland - and there’s been some weather recently too which took it’s toll on the fences.  Fortunately one of the neighbours did manage to retrieve the bits that were scattered down the road so all I was presented with was a rather heavy jigsaw.

What, no fence?

Having lamented the recent weather (and sorted the fence) I was then able to enjoy several days of typical February temperatures but very untypical precipitation and wind.  And as you might expect this gave the perfect excuse for wandering the beaches and headlands both down at the south end and (for a change) up in Northmavine (the wild Shetland northwest frontier) and particularly around Eshaness.

Quendale Beach
Scat Ness
Lady's Holm at the mouth of Quendale Bay, and Fair Isle on the horizon
Eshaness Lighthouse
Stampede Shetland-style at Quendale
Oystercatchers on Quendale Beach

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