Home from home

At the end of each year I tally up where my travels have taken me - this year I can (in addition to ‘home’ time in Oxford and on Shetland) lay claim to Ilulissat in western Greenland, Inverness in northern Scotland, Salzburg in Austria - and a surprisingly large number of nights in Coventry.

Over the last twelve months I’ve clocked up 29 nights in the various conference centres around the University of Warwick campus on the outskirts of Coventry.

I’ve spent four nights in the ‘posh’ centres (Radcliffe and Scarman) and the other 25 in the rather cosier little conference centre (Arden).  

Radcliffe Conference Centre

Arden  Conference Centre

Scarman  Conference Centre

My Warwick nights are my chance to have a couple of midweek beers (and even occasionally do some blog post writing) without needing to face the commute back down the M40.

And I might have acquired a taste for this....

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