Keeping Them Guessing, Shetland November 2016

It wasn't quite an out-of-office message - but it was my twitter equivalent as I arrived on Shetland at the weekend.

If anyone wants me, I'll be on the beach

Nicely ambiguous.  There are a lot of beaches at the south end of Shetland, and even on a short trip (with some dodgy weather) I managed to walk quite a lot of them.

West Voe Beach
Quendale Beach
Scord Beach
St Ninian's Beach (northside)
St Ninian's Beach (southside)
Spiggie Beach
And just to keep the variety up, I also spent quite a lot of time on Scat Ness too in both mild and wild weather.

Scat Ness - mild
Scat Ness - wild
Quite a good record, since I was only on Shetland for about 20 daylight hours this time.

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