Different Perspectives. October 2016

I’ve spent quite a lot of time in the Cairngorms and along the coastline of northern Scotland over the years.  I love both areas and always enjoy the escape that being there as a visitor brings.

Sometimes however you need to look at things through a different set of lenses.  

We’ve just spent a week in the northern edges of the Cairngorm National Park, which let us spend time both in the mountains and on the coast.  The new lens was  “What would it be like to live here?”.  

This gave us the excuse to think about things a bit differently. What would road/rail/air communications be like?  Where would we go to do the weekly shopping? Where’s the nearest bookshop?  Is the weather always like this?  What are the house prices like?  Will my mobile phone ever see 4G again?

Suffice to say we had a really good time exploring, and that more research is needed…

Lochindorb Lodge
Loch Morlich
Nairn Beach
Loch Morlich
Nairn Beach
Findhorn Beach
Findhorn Bay 
Evening Mists

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