Shetland Summer, August 2015

The weather on Shetland is often a bit of a lottery, and summer is no different to any other time of the year.  

The temperatures might be wee a bit higher, but the winds can still blow and the sea be transformed from enchanting blue to storm-lashed grey in a blink of the eye.

And, of course, there is that uniquely Shetland weather feature that can cause travel havoc around the islands - gale force fog.

Puffins, Sumburgh Head
But not over the last couple of weeks.  

As with any lottery you can, just sometimes, get the winning numbers.  Over the last couple of weeks Shetland has delivered on blue skies, warm temperatures and most remarkable of all light (in some cases, no) wind.

This meant that the puffins were able to enjoy a last few days lazing around in the sunshine at Sumburgh Head before they head out to sea for the winter.  And I got to spend lots of lazy afternoons wandering around Scat Ness - and even, and I don’t do this often,  fall asleep in the afternoon sunshine lying on the beach at Quendale.

Lerwick Harbour

Quendale Beach - perfect for an afternoon snooze

St Ninian's Beach

Scat Ness

Calm afternoon at Scat Ness

And just in case anyone thinks that Shetland has been relocated to somewhere significantly south of 60N, more normal service did appear a few times.

Limited view from the office window.

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