Hello 2015

I think it’s probably human nature to think in terms of a yearly cycle.  And I just can’t help using the turn of the year as a review point when I look back over the past twelve months and give a bit of thought to the next twelve.

I've given up with the New Year’s Resolution malarkey but it’s still interesting to speculate on the new and continuing projects I’d like to progress in 2015.

This time last year I came up with 7 targets for 2014. How did these pan out?

  • The Islands theme. I've done OK on this theme. Quite a lot of time spent on little islands, including some I’d not been to before, but there are lots more islands still to go.  (I’ll give myself a B+ here)

Foula, September 2014

  • Lofoten Islands. Sorted a summertime visit to Lofoten, spending time both back in Svolvaer and in A-i-Lofoten.  (A- here) 

Svolvaer, May 2014

  • St Kilda. Been there. Now want a return visit! (B+ again)

St Kilda, August 2012

  • Oxford Artweeks.  Did that, thoroughly enjoyed both summer and winter parts, and have signed up to do it again in 2015. (A)

ArtWeeks, November 2014

  • Photo competitions.  Haven’t entered enough. Could do better. (Failed on this one, D)
  • More time on Shetland. Have spent several longer blocks of time on Shetland, but it’s never enough. (B)

Shetland, September 2014

  • 365 more images on Blipfoto. Have now kept up the photo-a-day practice for over ten years. (A)

Oxford, December 2014

High points from the last twelve months included the lovely (and moving) experience of seeing my other half being ordained as an Interfaith Minister, the traumatic (and slow moving) experience of starting running again and the rediscovery of how lovely the Lake District is. And I've started volunteering, at least occasionally, with BBOWT.

One Spirit Interfaith Ordination, July 2014
Silver Joggers, Bury Knowle Park, Oxford, November 2014
Coniston Water, September 2014
BBOWT Work-party at C.S. Lewis Reserve, Oxford, October 2014

I've also become increasingly keen about finding ways to use my photography (and enthusiasm) to push the agendas behind habit restoration and rewilding.  I've been able to spend quite a lot of time this year in some of the more remote parts of the UK, and I want to see some of these returned to how they should be, not their current beaten-into-submission state.

I've done much more talking and writing about my pictures than I was doing before – and am enjoying doing both. I've sold a reasonable number of pictures over the last twelve months via the North South Images website, and started to get my Camera School project off the ground too.  And I've done a bit of educational technology consultancy too.

Targets for 2015

We'll start by carrying over a few things from the previous list.
  • Taking part in Oxford Artweeks - put that in your diary for 9-17th May 2015, and 14-15th November 2015
  • Entering more photographic competitions
  • Carrying on with my Photo-a-Day project for another 365 days
  • Spending more time on Shetland

And some things that weren't there last year
  • Keep on running. I did the Park Run in Oxford twice in December 2014 - plenty of scope for improving my PB.
  • Keep on talking. Do more talks about life and wildlife in cold remote places.
  • Finish the Writing. I've got lots of longer writing projects partially done. At least some need finishing.
  • Big Ice.  See some more big ice - in either North or South.  This feels like an unfinished project.

That's a long enough list.  I'll be reporting back both here and via my daily photo diary on Blipfoto,

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