Sun-kissed Beaches - a competition

There appear to a number of rumours circulating that I don't do sun-kissed beaches.

Evidence to the contrary follows. And a competition.

Destination A

Destination B

Destination C

Destination D

Destination E

Destination F
This first person to name the six destinations (put the destinations in order plus an email address as a comment below) gets a framed print of the beach of their choice.

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

I've just tried the rather nice Chrome extension - Search by image (by Google) on these images.

I was kind of hoping that Google would look though all the blog entries for your reference to them on some obscure long ago journey.

But no such luck. The only thing that came up was a matching set of images on

I am not sure that doubling the advertising of this competition makes identifying these lovely beaches any easier - well not for me.

So being completely stuck for ideas on the actual origin of any of these images, I should like to make a guess.

One of them must (surely) be a Scottish (or Scottish islands) beach.

With such a guess it really is not worth leaving an email. Winning is not the point, just participating.