Just Another Tuesday: Photographing A Monkey's Birthday

Tuesday 15th May 2012

This was just a routine (working) Tuesday - but it was also Aday - a day when photographers of all sorts from all over the world were being urged to capture their perspectives on life.

I thought I'd use this as an excuse to take a few more pictures than I would usually take on a working Tuesday. I also discovered that phenomenon of rain falling while the sun is shining has a name - in the UK at least it's a "Monkey's Birthday".

24 pictures from today.

 6:57 Real shirt on - must be a workday.
 7:05 Breakfast - at least the first meal of the day is healthy.
 7:39 Start of the morning commute - this is the hardest part to get back into after my six months away.
 7:41 It's bin day on our part of Oxford - it's a recycling week, so it's the blue and brown bins.
 8:26 En route to work - some of the commute involves sitting in a nearly stationary queue of cars.
 8:46 Still en route to work - other bits of the commute involve sitting in a nearly stationary queue of cars on a dual carriageway.
 9:02 Learning and Teaching Solutions at the Open University - only a couple of minutes later than intended (probably something to do with taking photos in the morning).
 9:08 Desk view.
 12:20 From the office window - storm clouds over the Open University Library.
 12:42 My lunchtime walk - storm clouds look even stormier over the Institute of Educational Technology.
 12:43 And stormier still over the Church
 12:45 Hiding in the car to escape the seasonal lunchtime hailstorm.
 13:12  After the hailstorm - Walking along the river Ouzel on the edge of the OU Campus. I suspect this canoe was washed here during the floods a couple of weeks ago.
 13:16 Sunshine and clouds
 13:18 Along the Ouzel, between the showers
 13:28 Past the Hub - the main OU refectory and coffee shop. Still storm clouds around.
 13:30 Educational Inspiration.  A statue carved form an old plane tree that stood beside Walton Hall on the OU campus.
 17:42 After an afternoon of meetings (both face to face and alone) past the OU sign towards the car park.
 17:43 Not quite empty.  Wasn't the first to arrive this morning, but wasn't the first to leave either.
18:12 Back in the queues.  Almost as much traffic in the evening as in the morning.
 18:53 Home again.
 18:59 Other half got home first, so the tea is already underway. :-)
 19:02 Although I suspect Dora may have her eyes on the turkey curry too.
19:15 But there was time for a brief walk round the still wet, but sunny garden.

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