Scandinavia February 2012

I've finally had the chance to work through the collection of photographs I took on my Scandinavian tour in February 2012.

There were four phases to the tour.

1.  Following the railways along the 60N line - starting in Stockholm (59.3N), going west to Oslo(59.9N) and then to Bergen (60.4N).  Flickr.

2. Going North (and East) along the Norwegian coast on the Hurtigruten ship MS Lofoten, from Bergen to Kirkenes (70N, 30E) then back South to Svolvaer in the Lofoten Islands. Flickr

3. Exploring the Lofoten Islands (based in Svolvaer) Flickr

4. Exploring the Faroe Islands (based in Torshavn) Flickr

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